TRLM becomes Rs 100 system


The much ambitious Tripura Rural Livelihood Mission (TRLM), runs under the Rural Development department that directly involves rural women in capacity building programmes and empowers them to become self-employed through SGHs (Self Help Groups) and easy-to-access loans has crossed the milestone of Rs 100 crore, said a highly placed source in the Rural Development department today. 

“It is a great success for the Rural Development department. In this short but valuable journey TRLM mobilized almost 90,000 rural women from different remote helmets of the state” the sources added. The main function of TRLM, he said, is to incorporate more and more women and give them easily accessible loans. The loans are given in the condition of some activities such as agriculture, medicinal plantation and cows and so on. The loans were given in a group formats—SHGs which report to Village Organizations—VO. Four to five VOs fall under a CFL—Cluster Level Foundation which are the apex body, he informed this correspondent.

Right now, he said, there are altogether 9000 SHGs, 400 VOs and 18 CFLs. In fact, each of CFL, entirely managed by women, show yearly turnover of Rs 2 to 2.5 crore on an average and some of them even broke all records of business. Nearly, Rs 40 Crore has been dispersed as bank loans and surprisingly, there are no records of NPA (Non Performing Assets) yet.

He also informed this website that already 9 CLFs have been turned into full-fledged Co-operative societies and are running in profits. In the next level, he said, the TRLM authorities and the state government are planning to promote micro-enterprises. A tailoring unit is likely to be launched under the TRLM project and if everything falls in the right direction soon the Tripura women will touch new heights of success, the source said.