The right nutrition for your pet


Those of us who have pets and don't have the time to cook them a home-cooked meal, understand the value of dry food high in nutrition. IAMS is a newly-launched pet brand that offers tailored nutrition for pets. The brand has roped in actress Kriti Sanon, an avid animal lover.

The actress took to social media and wrote, "I met #Butter and #Jelly yesterday and all I can do right now is think about them! Thank you @iams_india for inviting me and making me a part of your launch in India! It's so nice to hear that there is a brand that talks about #TailoredNutrition for pets! After all, every pet and every dog has different nutrition needs... just like us... no? I cannot wait for Disco to try the #IAMSproducts! #IAMSWhoIAm #UniqueBest" IANSlife spoke with the actress to find out more details.

One can learn many things from their pets... share with us a few things you might have learnt from your dog?

Sanon: What he taught me? (laughs)� He taught me to be able to be a balance of sweet and generous and also a strict parent. I think a dog teaches you to be a proper parent. Where you know that you're the only one who has to scold also when he's not doing something right, but at the same time give him the attention and the love that he needs. Pets teach you how to love unconditionally. He doesn't care where I am. He doesn't care how my film is doing - he just has a lot to give and spread happiness.

With the world, a cruel place, what steps do you think one can take to make life easier for the street dogs?

Sanon: Whenever you see a street a dog just give him something to eat. Show a little bit of compassion. It's their world too. I think after I got Disco, I've gotten so emotional towards dogs in general. So anywhere I'm shooting I end up giving a lot of food. And adopt. I always support that.

Many people take buy exotic breeds that are completely displaced in the environments they are kept in e.g huskies in Mumbai. How do you feel about this?

Sanon: I'm not sure but I read somewhere that dogs, like humans, adjust their mind/bodies to where they live. But yes, if you have a dog with thick fur and a thick coat, you should be careful of the weather. I got Disco from someone who was in Delhi, but he was born here, but sometimes I feel he is still very sensitive. So, I do realise that he tends to get a lot of allergies, but you know I think the experts are the ones who will have to advise us. But I guess, get a pet who is used to that environment and can be happier and healthier in that environment.

Could you tell us about your association with IAMS?

Sanon: It's great that IAMS is launching in India now. It's a brand that has a lot of legacies internationally and there is a need for good pet nutrition brands in India and as a pet lover and a pet owner, I know how important it is that he is getting the right kind of nutrition. I need to understand what he needs in terms of his diet and I feel lost often especially because Disco is my first pet. So, it's great that there is a brand that is offering tailored nutrition for different dogs, basis size, age etc. So I'm very excited for Disco to try the brand!

You have had a great run at the box office, how can you tell that this is a film you should do once you read a script?

Sanon: It's very instinctive to be very honest. Very few characters you hear about and you instantly connect and for me, "Panipat" was one of them. Parvati Bai's character because I had no idea about her, she has lived but we know so little about her. She was a Vaidya, a passionate girl and open about her feelings but she could also pick up the sword and fight for her people. The story is equally and more important. When I heard the story I felt that this story most of us didn't know. So I was honoured to be a part of it. And I'm very happy that whoever has seen it that they have reacted it to it very positively. You want people to see a film and not see "Kriti" but Parvati Bai and that is what motivated me and to do something out of the box.

You are self-made and don't fraternise or party with a lot of the industry people, is that a conscious decision?

Sanon: Nothing like that, I'm not overtly extrovert or social. But the industry has really welcomed me and I've been fortunate with the opportunities I have got and met people who have believed me. My directors who have always supported me and given me this dream world and made my dream come true. So those relationships are very important to me.

Lastly, share some details about your fitness regime please?

Sanon: Well, I think I should just be thankful to my genes because I'm blessed with a good metabolism. So, I technically, practically sort of eat everything. Of course, when I have certain assignments when I have to look a certain way, then I do diet, work on weights and lower on my carbs. But I think what's really important is to have some form of workout. It could be anything. So I feel like we should find some form of exercise for yourself that you really enjoy and make time for yourself.