‘Save literature, save identity’, Deputy CM to indigenous communities


Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Dev Barma, who is also a member of Tripura’s royal family, has on today pointed out that identity of the indigenous culture found in the North Eastern region of the country could only be protected through preserving the art and literature.

“Repeatedly, the question of protecting the identity of indigenous communities is being raised. But, what are the measures to do so. It is the language, history, culture and the land that make a civilization which are also called folk ingredients. We need to preserve these folk ingredients of our culture in order to assert our identity” Dev Barma told the inaugural ceremony of the new seminar Enclave organized by Sahitya Akademi.

He also stressed on the significance of oral literature and said, most of the folklore, traditional songs, tales, fables, history gets lost in the transition from generation to generation. If we are unable to document the oral literature of the indigenous people of Northeast, India will lose a very vibrant colour in its history. A loss, as such, shall truly be irreparable to the nation as a whole, he added.

“Through literature, civilizations have flourished over time and learnt from the lures of the past. It is indeed quintessential to preserve and nourish the literature of the land, society and the communities, hence I laud the efforts being made to uphold the rich heritage of North East India” he said adding that “Rajmala”—the written scripture on the Manikya dynasty was also an oral form literature which was later documented from the time Maharaj Dhanya Manikya.