Road blockade at Agartala –Khowai Road


Sufferings of people reached to an unbearable stage due to road blockade at Khowai – Agartala Road via Kalacherra on demand of power and water for long time. More than 100 people of four villages staged the road blockade at Belfangbari from 6 a.m. today. As result hundreds of cars were stranded at both sides of the road blockade site.

On being informed police reached at the spot at 7-30 a.m. and tried to counsel people. But they failed to get any response from the agitators. Later local MLA Prashanta Debbarma rushed to the spot. He assured to arrange power and water with his own initiative. Later the agitators withdrew the blockade at 8-20 a.m.

Sources said that the villagers of Belfang, Sarat Choudhury para, Khurui Fang and Tala Kurui Para participated in the blockade. They alleged that a group of people use to steal water by cutting water pipeline. As a result they cannot get drinking water. Most of the day water supply service remains suspended as power cut continues at transformer for water supply.