Over Rs. 137 crore credited to 1,92,882 farmers in Tripura: MP


Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the MP in Tripura Pratima Bhowmik on Thursday said that the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sanman Nidhi is a boon to enhance the livelihood of farmers across the nation. She said, "PM Sanman Nidhi has come up as a major source of doubling up farmers' income in Tripura who was once deprived at large during the 25 years rule of the Left."

"Rs. 137 crore 65 lakhs under the PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi has been credited to the bank accounts of a total of 1,92,882 farmers in Tripura in the last couple of months in Tripura," said Bhowmik.

Addressing the gathering of farmers in a day-long state-level farmers' meet and workshop cum training programme on maize and rice here at Agartala today MP Pratima Bhowmik has encouraged the farmers of Tripura towards quality farming of agricultural products and said, "The Union budget this year has sanctioned Rs. 2.83 lakhs crore in the agriculture sector of the nation which was earlier Rs. 27000 crore during the previous Congress lead UPA-II government at the centre in the year 2014."

Meantime, Pratima Bhowmik today also targeted the previous Left government in Tripura and said, "The farmers in Tripura were deprived at large as they were pushed to join a movement against centre earlier."

She said, "This is for the first time that the BJP government is Tripura and the FCI has started procuring paddy from the farmers at the cost of Rs. 1750 per quintal." She said that moving line with the PM Modi's policy the Tripura government is also putting utmost effort to double up the farmers' income.

She, however, said that the Union budget this year brought an alternate income generation for the farmers with the installment of the solar power plants in the infertile lands in some states like Rajasthan and Gujrat. "With the installation of the solar power plant, the farmers who are unable to grow agricultural products in the infertile lands can sell power and earn their livelihood."