22 shops gutted in fire at separate incidents


Incidents devastating fires seemed to have turned into a usual phenomenon in the state. Only recently six buses gutted devastating fire at Rajarbag bus stand. Adding up to this, altogether 22 shops gutted devastating fire at separate incidents took place in Kailasahar and Nagerjala.

In the first incidents reported at Kailasahar, altogether 7 shops had been reduced to ashes due to devastating flame.

According to sources, the fire first spotted in a mobile shop late on the Thursday night which further expanded and resulted in huge loss to the traders. One of the local said, despite fire tenders were pressed into action just after the incident, it could not prevent the losses. 7 shops including Medicine shops, footwear shops, shops of vegetables and many more was destroyed by the fire.

OC of Irani police station, Alamgir Hossais said, the primary estimated loss stood at Rs 40 lakh. On the other hand, a similar fire incident took place at Nagerajala destroying 15 makeshift shops.

Speaking to this reporter, one of the on-duty police officer said, a cylinder in a fast-food shop exploded which triggered massive fire in the adjoining shops located in the backyard of Nagerjala bus stand. Altogether, 7 fire tenders had been engaged to douse the fire and estimated loss due to the incident was reported to be more than lakhs.