SRM JEEE 2019: Know the best study material to prepare for the exam

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SRM JEEE 2019 is a university level joint engineering entrance exam conducted by SRM University, is scheduled to be held in the April 2019. As this is one of the important exams for admission into and M.Tech courses, students have already started their preparations for SRM JEE. But at the same time, students are very confused about choosing the study material for the preparation of the exam. Now when SRM JEEE 2019 is just a few months away, students should have a strong study plan to crack the exam and because of that we are here to tell you about the best study material for SRM JEEE 2019. Here, we will be describing about important books for each section of the exam i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. So, here is the list of best reference books for cracking SRMJEEE 2019.

Subject-wise Study Material

1. Physics- Physics is a subject that involves both concepts and formulas, so you have to give a proper attention to each part.  You should obviously start with your NCERT book and after that you can choose any of the following reference books to ace the section.

  • Concept Of Physics by H. C. Verma
  • Physics-objective book by DC Pandey,HCVerrma
  • Problems in General Physics by I. E. Irodov
  • Fundamental of Physics by V. K. Mehta
  • Principles of Physics by Resnick, Halliday, and Walker

2. Chemistry-As obvious, you will have to start with your NCERT book to understand the basic concepts and after that you can switch to any of the following reference books-

  • Organic Chemistry By O P Tandon
  • Inorganic Chemistry By O P Tandon
  • Organic Chemistry By Himanshu Pandey
  • Physical Chemistry By P Bhadur
  • Modern Approach to Chemical Calculation by R.C. Mukherjee
  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison Boyd.
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry By J. D. LEE

3. Mathematics-  Following is the list of important reference books for the section-

  • Algebra By RD Sharma
  • Higher Algebra (Coordinate geometry) by Hall & Knight (Arihant)
  • Calculus by I. A. Maron
  • Mathematics book by Amit M Agarwal
  • Any CET Book
  • Trigonometry by S. L. Loney
  • Algebra                by S. K. Goyal
  • Integral Calculus by Amit Aggarwal

Other Important study Materials-

1. Previous Year Papers- Other than choosing the best book for SRMJEE 2019, all the aspirants should solve maximum previous year exam papers as they give you an idea about the pattern and level of questions asked in the exam. So, these will help you in preparing for the actual exam.

2. Mock tests- Practicing more and more mock tests are another best study material for cracking SRMJEE 2019. Mock tests also form a part of the study material package for the exam as the exam is online and practicing the mock tests will make you familiar with the exam environment. In addition to this, these mock tests are based on the latest pattern of the exam and they also help you in evaluating your performance.

3. Mobile Apps- There are various mobile apps which provide study material for cracking competitive exams like SRMJEE, students can also take help of these apps for their preparation. Here, we are providing you some of the famous and best mobile apps for the preparation of SRMJEE 2019. You can choose different subject-wise apps for the preparation of the exam.

Mobile Apps for Physics- 

Physics Cheater-This app provide you quick information about various theories of Physics. The app has a menu which has all important topics of Physics, other than this, you can also search a topic in the search box.

High School Physics- This app has a collection of various important concepts and theories of Physics, important for competitive exams. Other than this, you can find various numerical problems and their solutions on the app. 

Some other famous apps are Physics by WAGmob, Mobile Observatory – Astronomy, PhysicsOne Apps, etc.

Mobile Apps for Chemistry- 

Chem Pro- This is an app which serves as a free tutor for you. It contains 80 general chemistry lessons, so you can clear all your doubts regarding those chapters on the app.

Chemistry MCQ Test- It is an app which provide you a lot of multiple choice questions based on all important chemistry lessons. Other than this, you can download various Chemistry books by famous authors from the app. 

Some other apps are EleMints: Periodic Table, Molecules, Chem Lab, etc.

Mobile Apps for Mathematics-

Math Tricks Competitive Exam- This is a mobile app which helps you in preparing for various competitive exams like SRM JEE. The app contains various short tricks for maths questions. Other than this, the app provides you speed tests that will help you in evaluating your performance.

Aptitude test- It is one of the best apps for the preparation of Maths section. It contains all important Formulas, solved questions, Practice tests, Online tests for the Mathematics section. 

Some other apps are GRADE UP, Math Workout, King of Math, etc.

4. Websites-  Other than mobile apps, there are various online websites that provide a lot of study material for the preparation of exams like SRM JEE. Some of such webstes are-,, talentsprint, askiitians, etc. All these websites provide you Previous year exam papers, Mock tests, Subject-wise quizzes, etc. The content is updated and very helpful for your preparations.

These were the important study materials for SRMJEE 2019 but you need not to pick all of them, choose the best books for you and it is advisable to first complete your NCERT books.

All the best!