How to start your JEE Main preparation from grade 11?

EDUCATION / Careers:

JEE Main is surely one of the toughest national level exam in India. While according to the eligibility criteria, the aspirants can appear for the exam after 10+2, but it is seen that the exam’s preparation begins in advance. It is advised to all the engineering aspirants to start preparing for JEE Main exam from 10+1 itself.

This may appear to be too much to some people, but surely it makes sense to the engineering aspirants and is even stated by previous year aspirants. However, it should be noted that JEE Main preparation in 11th standard is quite different from the preparation in and after 12th standard. Also, one cannot neglect the fact that preparing for such a significant exam like JEE Main and at the same time preparing for the Class 12th board exams is very difficult and exhausting. So, it is keeping all these things in mind that the aspirants should start preparing for the exam from class 11th only.

Also JEE Main 2019 is just round the corner with JEE Main Admit Cards to release on Dec 25, its time for the aspirants to gear up their preparation level.

Below are the few points that would help you understand how a JEE aspirant can start preparing for the exam from 11th standard itself-

  • First of all, we all know that JEE Main exam syllabus comprises of the syllabus of Class 11th and Class 12th for the three subjects- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. So, it’s a no-brainer that it would really help the aspirants if they prepare their Class 11th Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics thoroughly then itself. This would save them crucial time when they start preparing for JEE Main exam.
  • Looking at the previous point from a different angle, it can be said that the Class 11th syllabus of JEE Main is the core syllabus on which all the advanced topics are based. This makes it all the more crucial for the aspirants to prepare their class 11th syllabus with focus and dedication.
  • From Class 11th itself, it would be better for the aspirants if they keep track of all the updates and changes that is announced regarding JEE Main exam. This would help them analyse the exam pattern and give them a better idea of what sort of question they can expect in the exam. Moreover, it would help them prepare for the exam accordingly. Also, while analysing the previous year JEE Main question papers and the upcoming paper patterns, the aspirants should carefully analyse and focus on the subject-wise analyses. This is because doing so will help them understand and mark their strong and weak areas.

The above-listed points are how the aspirants can start preparing for JEE Main exam themselves. This would make them efficient and prepared for the even harder and longer hours of preparation that they would have to invest in next year. Plus, starting early will help them pick outright study material and understand their own preparation requirements. This, in turn, would save them a lot of time which they would have to invest in next year when they are in Class 12th. This way, the work gets easily distributed and is done more effectively without any added stress.

Now, moving on, it is seen that due to the increasing competition and difficulty level of JEE Main exam, self-study is not enough for all the aspirants. So, they opt to get professional JEE Main coaching. And, like we earlier said, JEE Main preparation begins from class 11th itself, therefore, the majority of the coaching institutes offer a two-year JEE Main coaching programs. This helps them cover the whole syllabus in depth with enough time to take the required number of mock tests and solve sample papers.