Leave our kids alone

ARTICLE / Reality Bites:

My daughter is Hia. She is taller than her chronological age of seven. Her school gives enormous amount of sweating daily and followed by at least one episode of respiratory tract infections quarterly. Credit also goes to mother child strategic fridge water availability and whole night three-dimensional fan setup!

She is only seven, but school compels her to write the right dictation at class. It’s very deceptively disturbing for both Hia and us. Even her mother use to think about quitting the teacher ship to daughter and putting a tuition instead! What jeopardy these institutional hazards use to bring for parents who are not from the upto dated class family? Each day gives Hia’s shoulder extra weight and she is only in class one.

Few days back I have attended a famous Scientist from ISRO in a seminar at Kolkata. He was giving emphasis again and again in giving children more imaginations and break through both from parentship and teachers. He was asking us, at the time of Bengal Renaissance when the literacy rate was not more than 11%, why now in  the 80 -100% of literacy rate is unable to produce those gems of all times ? What we are lacking behind? The school orientated and result targeted non holistic approach towards education is making all nuisance. It’s time to rethink about the situation.The scientist emphasised on the importance of student’s point of view regarding their approach towards the problem solving, not how much percentage they are getting in examination. Because imaginations have no endings, percentage does have!

What my daughter will become one day? Can we do some calculations of future?! I guess, if I ask this to my daughter, she will refer me to Doremon! Though parents hate Doremon and Nabita equally; I like them. Children love these programmes because of these animation’s imaginative and innovative ideas.

We make our children selfish, egoistic and weak. We have taken away their field, social visits, and friends. We have prepared them so tightly, so disciplined, and inert, that, as grown-up human being, they gained everything except humanity. Many of my patients, who are successful in their life and their children are staying abroad, seems to me very unhappy, depressed. At the onset, they use to talk a lot of good quality of their child, but, before leaving my chamber, they never forget to tell me ----"Doctor babu ashi, Apni dekhte enkom amar cheler moto (you are just like my son)”. I am looking at an agonised mother, who is basically so deeply bereaved in the daily absence of her child. 26 years to grow something, and suddenly it vanished! A weak, spoon faded meritorious child won’t come back to India, where family matters, where social accountability needed and where it’s supposed to be their pay back time. Roads of New York are certainly a better option to stay attached than Hari Ganga Basak Road. It’s we who taught them to run harder and harder and to never look back. We the guardians, policy makers, the educationalists are responsible for the past, present and future of our students. If our children are getting despair day by day and making a cocoon surrounding them in these hostile situations, it’s us, who are the maker of these Frankenstein’s. Please put a wake up call.