Universal Expo spectators and buyers everyday


International Trade Fair Universal Expo inaugurated at Hariananda School ground which started on February 18 attracting huge people at Udaipur town everyday.

MLA Biplab Kumar Ghosh inaugurated the fair in presence of Chairperson of Udaipur Municipal Council Shital Chandra Majumder. Altogether 80 stalls opened in the fair which started with initiative of Universal Advertising and All Tripura Merchant’s Association.

The traders from different states of the country and abroad including Bangladesh, Thailand  participated in the fair.

Meanwhile stalls from different states of India attracting huge spectators and buyers everyday. Variety of cloths, cars and bikes of different brands, modern house hold items are available in the fair.

Special attraction of the fair is 40 percent discount with every purchase. Sources said that 3 persons will be selected by lottery on the basis of entry tickets on March 4.