Tripura Sports School became Champion without final match


Due to some poor management by state football association Tripura Sports School today became champion without playing the final match in the ongoing State Sunfeast Cup Under 16 football tournament. The final match was scheduled to held on last Sunday but due to age issue TFA stopped the match and today a meeting has been held with the coaches of the three teams.

In the meeting the final decision has been made as Matinagar Play centre and Bhagat Singh Play centre played over aged footballer in the team and thus Tripura Sports School has been declared as the winner of the tournament.

Now allegations have been raised to the members of the association as why they did not check the original birth certificates of the players before the start of the tournament as why they took the decision after this awkward incident. The sunfeast organizers also expressed their disappointment on this matter.

This kind of negligence by the association once again polluted the sporting field of Tripura as many young cricketers have showed their talents in the tournament which in the end has been wasted by some simple mistakes.