'The day of dream coming true' - CRS inspection tomorrow


The day has come. Finally, the larger part of the South Tripura District—Belonia to Sabroom, the last most township in the southern part of the state, is going to get officially tied in the railway map of North East India, of course, if everything goes well with the CRS inspection set to be carried out June 1, 2019—tomorrow.

The emotional attachment with railway is far above the ground. As, it is for the first time, people of Sabroom, Jolaibari, Kalacharra and Manubazar will witness a full-fledged train—all coaches fixed running over. Despite, the fact that it is a pre-scheduled and usual practice, for people who are subjected to railway journeys very seldom, this is, definitely, a dream come true.

Sabroom, Jolaibari and Kalachara and Manubazar were, once, big weekly markets (Haats) which, with the span of time, have been turned into semi-townships. And, due to the geographical position those areas are quite closer to Bangladesh border but far away from the railway tracks of the neighboring country too unlike Belonia, what makes them deprive of a railway mild “whistle(usually a passenger train makes while entering the station)” too.  That’s how railway has gathered a soft corner in the hearts of South Tripura people.

Since, the construction of railway stations over there, has come to an end, hundreds of people, every evening, gather there and try to sense the steadily approaching train, perhaps, knowing the fact that it was not going to happen right away but it was a feeling, so to say, that people could not resist off and a habit too that has become a part of life. Similar, is the experience at Jolabari, Kalacherra and Manubazar three stations that fall in between Belonia and Sabroom. Despite the fact that the stations were located far away from the mainland, people, mostly the young brigade, never miss to pay a visit to the stations, sometimes, for a chit-chat or to have a morning or evening jogging sessions. Even, when the first trial was conducted, thousands of people assembled in those stations waiting eagerly to catch up with the first few glimpses of railway run cutting through their part of the land. And, the most highlighting part is the railway tunnel that falls between Belonia and Jolaibari. The 686 meter long tunnel keeps the eyes wide open. Very often, children were found to be threatened by mothers of being held captive in the tunnel if they deny or disagree to finish their food or homework and then all done. On the other hand, the railway officials also appreciate the feeling and laud sentiments of the locals.

One of the railway officials, while speaking to this website said, I have never seen such enthuse among the local people. I have worked in various places earlier but the way people shown their eager attachment with the railways were something that is really inexplicable.

Hearing from the locals, it is a dream come true for them. “The very first thing I have assumed to do if the regular passenger services take a start, would be taking my family to a railway ride to Agartala. Being a farmer, it is quite impossible for me to take them (my wife and children) to out of state and the increasing transpiration cost through roadways also do not allow me to go beyond my budget. At this situation, railways opened a door so that I can spend some quality time with my family”, Said Mithun Saha of Jolaibari.

Meanwhile, on the technical aspects, Railway Engineer Rajeev Paul who said, tomorrow the CRS inspection would be carried out on portion that comes after Belonia. Tomorrow the inspection would be started at around 10:00 to 10:30 in the morning. The CRS team would go to Sabroom by trolleys so that each and every ROB (Railway Over Bridge) and RUB (Railway Under Bridge) could be covered. And at the final stage the speed trial would be done at around 120 km/h speed from Sabroom to Belonia as in order to check the stability of the tracks.