Second National Ayurveda Day observed in state


The state minister of Information and Cultural Affairs department Bhanulal Shaha on Tuesday inaugurated the 2ndAyurveda Day here at Agartala Pragna Bhawan in presence of other officials.

While addressing the programme today Minister Bhanulal Shaha said that of all the states in the nation only the Kerela could mark the line in developing the Ayurveda medical care facilities and accelerated the system.

Saha also said that either it is Allopathic, Ayurvedic or Homeopathic, nowhere the centre has come up with the facility of free health care for the people of the nation whereas the state of Tripura has been moving ahead mulling for free health care system for APL families after successfully sending the BPL families abroad for better treatment for free of cost.

However, later he said that once upon a time the Ayurveda medicince could be administered to the patients and has run successfully but along with the moving hands of the clock the health care system has been accelerated but the Ayurveda trend has faded away.