Pratima took stock of Sonamura based tourist spots


Surrounded by lush greenery and tiny hillocks Chandir Park located at Sonamura sub division remained, at least till today, an untold tourist destination for most of the state. The park that is expanded centering a lake—“Chandi Chara” has a unique specialty.

Locals believe the water level of the lake never recedes whatever may be the season it is. The unspoiled beauty and enchantment of silence that can be experienced here are enough to attract visitors. The experience is also, to some extent, similar in case of Botal Bhanga, Paharpur and orchards of Mikrosa Para, which, locals say, have been blessed by the goddess of nature herself.

Newly elected Member of Parliament Pratima Bhowmik recently paid a visit to the places along with higher officials. Born and brought up in Sonamura, Bhwomik, from the very beginning of her career as a parliamentarian pitched for the betterment of these tourist locations. She was also of the opinion that professionals should be outsourced for the upliftment of the hidden tourist destination, specifically of Sonamura.

Speaking on the possibilities, Bhowmik said, there are numerous possibilities and if executed properly the tourist influx as well as socio economic condition of the local masses could be improved. The hillocks located along side the water bodies can be best used for animal breeding and raring. Innovative ways of cattle raring could be also introduced here as people will have easy access of water.

She also observed that solar energy units could be also installed here so that the energy related problems of adjoining helmets could get resolved. If properly managed ways could be chalked out to set up infrastructure in order to attract tourists from different parts of the state as well as the country, the state will soon get a bunch of unexplored tourist destinations, Bhowmik believes.