DISA in collaboration with ARC organized a plant distribution program ’Bring Back Green’


Development Initiative for Sustainable Advancement (DISA) in collaboration with Agartala Responsible Citizens (ARC) organized a plant distribution program at Agartala City Centre.

The long term objective of the two organizations for this program was to bring back the greenery in the town and to create awareness among the citizens of Agartala. This initiative will help in controlling natural disasters like flood etc in future.

Sri Pawan K Kaushik, Executive Secretary DISA explained the visitors about the motive behind such initiatives and also mentioned that the plantation done by the citizens will help to reduce global warming. He also mentioned that the environmental issues in Agartala town will improve.

About 50 citizens visited the plant distribution stall and approximately 300 seedlings were distributed. Officials from FRCLE, Agartala, Mayanil Group, Khayerpur and staffs from Agartala Municipal Corporation also supported the program throughout the day.

Members of both the organization also conveyed a message to the citizens that the next Plant Distribution Stall will be put up on 10th August Friday, 2018. The members also appealed the citizens to collect the plant materials and plant it on their homesteads.