Cong demands investigation against financial scam


Former PCC president Birajit Sinha demanded proper investigation for huge amount of financial scam for repairing embankment of Manu River at Kailashahar. He claimed that huge misappropriation of fund took place while payment of Rs. 12 crore completed in the meantime.

In a press conference Sinha alleged that there was no place of keeping large quantity of materials at the embankment against which materials bills were paid. On the basis of documents collected by Congress through RTI Sinha said, payment made Rs. 4.45 crore against bills of wire net while 10 percent of the materials were not used. Bills were submitted in name of few more youths amounting Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2 lakh who were not included in the main tender. Three regular contractors got payment of bill without repairing embankment.