ASSORTMENT - A poetry making challenge given by Antima Baidya

English Poems:


Let's imagine the sun disappear a little earlier today,

Like your god disappears every time, 

While someone gets raped every day. 

Let's imagine him in a far off nook's corner today, 

Or may be like his sons,

Lost in hope amidst some unknown parallel universe's bay. 



So now then let's imagine the world a little colder tonight, 

And let the blue moon sparkle a little bright.

And hope that the sun and the moon once come across each other,

And let them relish their spring again, 

And osculate each other in mid flight,

In ways that are just up and may be right,

And mark their tenderness and passionate affection,

To 'scribe their growing affinity,

As signs of our hope's Resurrection.

And let the stars silver line the once harsh and dusky sky,

In ways that only titans could imagine,

And in variations that only in ancient relics could lie.



And then again let's imagine rain drops from the approaching clouds, 

Dropping down and piercing all that shrouds, 

Misery, and pain,

Vanities wasted in vain. 

And then again let’s imagine there is light.

A light so bright,

That would grip you up a little, 

Or maybe just hold you warmer a bit,

Urging you to wake up and take one last long ride. 



Alas! You poor souls,

Who is now lost into the dark night. 

Thou must sleep not, nay,

But awake, arise and should fight,

Fight, fight and shall yet thou fight.

And help the stars glitter, 

And illuminate all your untrodden sight,

And let the nightingale fill the deserted hearts,

With more and more mellows! 

And lead a way that is chivalrous and bright,

Out away far from the ghastly hallows,

Allowing the darkest fear of your hearts to wash away,

And purging them hearts of your long lost fellows.

Because why not today,

Why not one last try? 

With divine courage bestowing from the heaven's

Shining from the above and far up high, 

And with its own holy light and a divine sly,

For the faith in every innocent's cry!



So, let’s do claim,

Oh dear God! And let's at least try, 

Don't deprive us-

From thou imposing nature,

Because we want to exist,

Around you, in your mercy,

As a shade of your abilities,

As your perfect miniature.

And Let us now once again meet,

In reality and try to grasp or capture,

Forgetting the truth that we have once preached,

Now turned to simple lies and our hearts it breached.

So now then lord, help us and take away all our rages

And become one as two of the most familiar faces, 

But yet remain unknown, as a stranger to little races,

And to pretend as if we have seen a dream the other night,

And as if it were all a Victorian play set on different stages.