Service hampers Udaipur hospital as quarter not allotted to docs


Medical service at Udaipur Subdivision Hospital reached to a disputed position. The reason behind the low graded service is that one retired doctor of another hospital has occupied the quarter of the subdivision hospital.

Hospital sources said that altogether 10 quarters allotted for the doctors in the hospital. But retired Dr. K. L. Bhowmik, transferred doctor of another subdivision Dr. Tapas Dutta and Dr. Debasish Pal have been occupying the quarters during last one year. As a result the doctors of the subdivision hospital are bound to stay out of the hospital compound.

Meanwhile the patients raised allegation against the doctors that they fail to get the doctors at the hospital in time.

Another serious allegation raised against Dr. Dhruba Das. Dr. Das allegedly started private practice by opening chamber at government quarter. Consequently the doctors and nurses fail to stay in the hospital compound.

Meanwhile the patients and local people raised demand to allot quarters for the doctors and nurses of the Subdivision Hospital and to shift the retired and transferred doctors from the hospital compound to provide proper service to the patients.