Journos of Ambassa extend helping hand a needy family


Three journalists of Dhalai came forward with food and winter clothes for a poor tribal family at an ADC village of Dhalai district.

The 68 years old woman of that house Jamunati Reang was waiting earnestly at the verandah of the tong house when the auto arrived in front of the house at 3:30 p.m. Three press staffs Manik Debnath, Biswajit Bhattacharjee and Nantu Deb came out from auto rickshaw along with her son Hariram Reang. They unloaded a 50 Kg sack of rice, blanket, dal, edible oil, soap, puffed rice, biscuit, candle and match boxes from the vehicle and handed over the items to Jamuati Reang one by one.

Within a moment an expression of happiness came out at eyes and face of Jamunati. It seemed like she had gained many things of her demand. The old woman has no knowledge who sent the items from where. Neither had she knew who brought the items up to their house. However Handai Singh Reang (75) and Jamunati are happy to know that the panic of food crisis for next two months eradicated.

Kulai R.F. ADC village of Ambassa Block is a hundred percent tribal dominated village. The population of the village is 3451 at present.

Altogether 777 families are staying at the village comprising of 12 paras.

All the paras are situated at most remote areas. The village is 30 Km away from Ambassa. The remotest para of the village is Khatanga Para.

The information of Katanga Para revealed in the columns of journalists in Dhalai district Sadar. They became aware about poor condition of the Reang family. They came to know that they had no food, no work and no jum cultivation.

It revealed the acute crisis of food and work at hilly areas. The fact will come out if anyone can visit Matanga Para, Abhiram Para, Pusparam Para, Debram Para, Buswaram Para, Naithak Para.

They earn by selling vegetable of jum, green banana, flower of wild banana, wild potato, leaves of forest, Kharku etc. Most of the families earn by selling the items. There are provision of allowance for aged men and women for all families. But up down cost of to Ambassa from the village is Rs. 80. So the tribal villagers Matanga Para have to spend cautiously by deducting Rs. 80 from the amount of allowance.