Forest smugglers vacate 50 pc trees at Atharomura


Existence of forest is going to abolish in the state due to destruction of trees by timber smugglers. The smugglers are vacating the forest by cutting down valuable trees in large scale. At the same time staffs and guards of forest department has taken to role of silent spectator.

Sources said that staffs of Forest department recovered timber of lakhs of rupees while they were patrolling at Atharomura Hill.

Likewise the smugglers are smuggling by cutting down valuable log of trees. Sometimes the staffs of Forest can recover the timbers. But many a time they fail to recover the logs of trees hidden for smuggling. The smugglers cut down the teak wood tree at 36 Mile area of Atharomura Hill at any time at night on Sunday. On failing to smuggle the logs at night they kept those beside theNational Highway by hiding those with leaf of forest.

The staffs of Forest department recovered the hidden logs during routine patrolling. One Forest staff said that the quantity of wood is about 3 Kam which is equivalent to 60 cft. Meanwhile many valuable trees destroyed at Atharomura Hill.

The forest smugglers destroyed 50 percent trees during last few decades. Local people are suspecting whether there would any existence of forest at Atharomura after few decades. Meanwhile a staff of Forest department appealed to common people to come forward to save trees.