Construction of land port at full swing availing facility of Feni Bridge


The ongoing construction of Land port is proceeding at full swing at Sabroom availing the communication facility of Maitri Bridge over Feni River.

The length of Feni Bridge will be 412 Meter and width will be 14.8 Meter. Meanwhile land acquisition for approach road of Feni Bridge completed. The length of Approach road is 1200 Meter towards Indian side which joined with National Highway No-8 at Sabroom. Earlier a temporary bridge was constructed on Feni river to supply goods for construction. But the bridge washed out by the strong current of river during the worst ever flood before few days.

Meanwhile local MLA Sankar Roy joined a meeting with the officials concerned with construction of the bridge to review the progress of bridge on Feni River. It is expected that construction of Feni bridge will be completed by November, 2019. The distance of the bridge from Sabroom Railway Station is 400 Meter.

It was necessary for the State Government to occupy the land. Central Government approved the 50 Meter wide road from Feni Land  Port to Sabroom Rail Station as a result of earnest effort of MLA Sankar Roy. It has given the Feni Bridge a new dimension as International Trade Centre.

Meanwhile Sankar Roy visited the lands of Link Road on Tuesday last.

Speaking to our correspondent MLA said, transportation of heavy goods would not be problem anymore. Initiative of connecting Railway Station with Feni Bridge will be taken after completion of 50 Meter wide link road, he added. It seems that approval of the Link Road gave Sabroom Feni Bridge a new dimension as International Trade Centre.