Yuba Morcha and Mandal Morcha felicitate meritorious student


Dhalai District Yuba Morcha and Madal Morcha felicitated poor student Raju Debnath yesterday who secured 76.2 percent in Higher Secondary Examination of Science stream conducted by TBSE this year.

Raju’s father died earlier and his mother has to work at others houses and as assistant of mason to manage the expense their family. Even Raju could not get two square meal everyday during his student life.

President of Yuba Morcha Asish Bhattacharjee welcomed Raju with Uttariya and offered him Rs. 5000. Besides Mandal Morcha president Shyamal Shil, District president Ajay Adhikari and Yuba Morcha leader Suman Debnath and others also felicitated Raju.