Yoga Myths


Even though yoga is quite popular around the world, there are still a lot of myths which stop people to from starting their YOGA journey.


Myth  1. Yoga is a religion:

Since Yogic science started and flourished in Ancient India, where it was one of the six classical philosophical systems of India, a lot of people have associated Yoga with religion. Even though there are spiritual aspects to Yoga it is not part of any religion and it does not have aversion from any religion. At its core, Yoga is about developing awareness of the self


Myth  2: To practice yoga you need to be Vegetarian

Whether you are vegetarian or not, Yoga is for you. There are a lot of theories around about how non-vegetarian food affects your body and mind. It’s good if you can manage to become vegetarian or vegan. However if you can’t, you can still do yoga. I sincerely believe that with the regular practice of yoga, one develops awareness, which guides you in every aspect of life, including what kind of food your body and mind needs.


Myth  3: Yoga is for women. Men don’t really do yoga

I personally find this hilarious as in ancient India yoga was started by men and almost practiced exclusively by men. In its modern westernized form, yoga is more popular among women. However Yoga has the same benefits for everyone regardless of gender, age, sexuality and religious faith.


Myth  4. Yoga is for lean, fit and flexible people

Wherever one is on the spectrum of health and fitness, one should start yoga practice. A sincere yoga practice helps to move towards better health and more flexibility. Yoga is all about respecting your body and doing your practice as much as you can within your comfort zone.


Myth  5. Yoga is not for people with injuries or chronic pain

With modification, support of props, and specially designed practice, yoga does wonders for people with injuries or chronic pain. It helps to heal and improve health condition, especially mental health.


Myth  6. Yoga is not an efficient practice to maintain fitness

Many people believe that doing yoga is not sufficient to maintain fitness. I believe that all fitness practices are good and results are in proportion to your effort and discipline. There are so many types of yoga now that you can choose a variety of yoga practice based on your fitness requirement.


Myth  7. Yoga can be learnt from books/DVDs.

A book or DVD video cannot replace the importance of guidance by a teacher. A teacher decides the yoga practice based on the individual’s requirement. A book/DVD has information which is “Fit-for-All”. This information can help one with some knowledge however it cannot be the primary source of learning for someone.