Wood smuggler destroys forest by managing officers and leaders


Unruly behavior of a wood smuggler is increasing day by day at Nutanbazar. Sources said that smuggler Harkumar Debnath is continuing destruction of forest in full swing by managing ministers, leaders and officers. He became a rich man from poor by selling smuggled wood by the encouragement of Leftist leaders.

The momentum of cutting trees increased three times during the rule of present government. He poses threat to the officers and staffs who disturb him as he can manage the leaders and higher officials very well. Even he managed one journalist who stays at his house to help in smuggling.

Sources said that SDPO Subrata Das recovered 150 cubic ft. Gamai and teak wood from a place nearby Harkumar’s house with the help of police from Nutan Bazar Police Station. Earlier the Journalist threatened the officers and staffs of Forest department who seized the wood.

Meanwhile Harkumar became owner of 3 to 4 Godowns, factory, 3 furniture shops, one multistoried building and many other shops and catering business. Recently he also threatened Forest Bit officer and threw stones at his office in late night along with his 100 partners.