Union minister deep concern over improper growth of agriculture in Tripura

The Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare Radha Mohan Singh expressing deep concern over the improper growth of agriculture and its production in Tripura advised directed the state government to take up proper utilization of central fund.

Singh was addressing a review meeting programme here at Tripura College of Fisheries on Sunday. State forest minister Naresh Jamatia also remained present.

"The Tripura Government has so far failed to show utilization certificate of the central fund, " said Singh. The remark has come up after state agricultural minister Naresh Jamatia accused the centre for not releasing fund to the state.

However, Singh expressing deep concern over the growth of agricultural farming in Tripura said, "Tripura has its 42 per cent of land for farming and agricultural production, but the Tripura government failed to provide water to the 70 per cent of the total land."

Singh praising the Modi government in the centre said that this is only under the Modi government in the centre that sufficient funds are being floored to each and every state of the state.

"Tripura is yet to be developed in its agricultural sector," claimed the union minister today while addressing the programme.