Umpires Refreshers Course ends today with huge success


Umpires Refreshers course in two phases ended successfully today as at Bhagat Singh Youth Hostel the closing ceremony of the course held in the evening. Joint Secretary of Tripura Cricket association Pannalal Bhattacharjee remained present.

In his speech he said that for the betterment of the state umpires Tripura Cricket association has taken this initiative as he also said that by this course the umpires will get lots of benefit as they will come to know across more rules and regulations.

Both the trainers Francis Gomes and Sushanta Pathak also very much impressed with this kind of arrangement as this kind of steps are really acknowledgeable.

In the first phase South District and Central Zone Umpires took part while in the second phase West District and North district umpires took part in the refreshers course. Around 200 umpires took attend the course.