Two rohingyas detained from bordering area in Tripura


Two rohingyas earlier suspected to be Bangladeshi nationals were detained here on Monday from the bordering area of Tripura's capital town Agartala Joynagar area. The locals detained them and later handed over with the police. The two rohingyas of youths as reported by the police are identified as Mohamud Sulim S/o Farukh Ahmed and another Jahangir Alam S/o Jafar Alam of Fakira Bazar of Akhum Myanmar district.

Police said, "Getting an alarm of two detained youths at the bordering area at Joynagar Border Golchakkar we rushed and brought them to the police station." adding to this police further said, "Earlier we suspected them of Bangladeshi nationals but later finding them of unclear with either Hindi or Bengali language, we brought them to the police station and recovered identity cards from their possession."

"They were found to be resident of Myanmar district. During interrogation they said, they were pushed to Indian territory from other side of Bangladesh by unidentified person," Police said.

Police further informed, "According to the detained rohingyas, they earlier reached Bangladesh's Chittagong hill tract in search of work and as they said, they were later pushed to Indian territory from Bangladesh."

However, police is further interrogating them to unearth further cause of their illegal entrance into the Indian territory.