Tripura govt. re-introduces city buses to enhance public transport


Ending the commuters' misery and overhauling the public transport system to make it an efficient alternative system, the Tripura government’s Tripura Road Transport Corporation (TRTC) has re-introduced city bus service from today in two different routes, planning to ply more before Durga Puja.

The states Transport Minister Pranajit Singha Roy jointly with the TRTC Chairman Dipak Majumder and others have flagged off a total of 16 city buses for two different routes. The flag off ceremony took place here at Agartala TRTC Complex today.

TRTC Chairman Dipak Majumder said, “Primarily we have introduced 16 town buses. We are also trying to ply more of total 40 city buses before Durga Puja.”

He also said, “The 16 city buses re-introduced today will ply in two different routes which includes Route No. 1 from Battala to Ranirbazar and another Route No. 3 from Tripura Central University to Agartala GBP Hospital.”