Tripura govt. legalises export of Agar products abroad


The Agar cultivators finally find a ray of hope after the Tripura government's forest department has legalised the export of Agar, the main ingredients of perfume manufacturing abroad state. The Chairman for Tripura Industrial Development Corporation Tinku Roy on Friday planted a sapling of Agar tree at Churaibari area and informed that from now on the agar growers who once had to export their products under dark sky can openly export Agar with valid license.

Mr. Roy said, "Government has taken this initiative of providing license to the agar exporters so as to boost the Agar oil and its trade by an extensive cultivation of Agar tree in the state."

He said, "Agar cultivation will bring economic empowerment for the marginalized and tribal population of the state and boost rural livelihood. And the government is eyeing forward to boost the cultivation across the state".

The state department has already drawn a conservation plan of wild varieties of Agar trees, opportunities in the world Agar market, the statutory requirements for promoting the sustainable harvesting of agar, the technology available for artificially inducing agar wood formation in trees of cultivated variety, simplification of process of harvesting.