Total Hip Replacement surgery done by Dr. Rajib Debnath in Tripura for the first time


There is a lack of specialist doctors in Tripura’s community health centres (CHCs). According to the requirement a total of 80 specialist doctors needed in Tripura’s CHCs, only one was in position, according to latest rural health statistics from 2016.

But it is the news that a ‘Total Hip Replacement’ surgery is done for the first time by an orthopaedic surgeon of the state Dr. Rajib Debnath in the history of Tripura and he said the people of Tripura would be benefitted in near future. The operation has done on 25th July last at Tripura Medical College & DR BRAM Teaching Hospital.

Dr. Rajib Debnath said, “It is the beginning in Tripura in case of total hip replacement surgery and the operation has done successfully here at Tripura Medical College. The condition of patient is well after surgery”.

Dr. Rajib Debnath is the son of Tripura who received fellowship in joint replacement surgery and it is done from INJE University, South Korea. He is appointed here at Tripura Medical College & DR BRAM Teaching Hospital.

In 2017-18, there were 24-Hospitals, 22-Rural Hospitals/ Community Health Centres, 108-Primary Health Centres, 1134-SubCentres/Dispensaries (of allopathy, homeopathy & ayurvedic), 13- Blood Banks and 7-Blood Storage centers, through which the State Government has been providing basic health facilities to all the sections of society. In addition to these facilities, the State government has been giving thrust to expand and strengthen the homeopathic and ayurvedic system of medical services as a complement to the modern medical facilities especially to the poor in the rural areas, informed by health department report of Tripura.

The state Tripura is giving more important on health sector and it is the success story of Tripura in the health sector, said a group of specialist doctors in Tripura.