Theft at shop Panchouki Bazar


Again the thieves had stolen two more shops within 15 days of submitting memorandum to OC of Kailashahar Police Station by Kailashahar Merchants Association demanding to introduce patrolling day and night.

Sources said that the gang of thieves looted cash and stationary items breaking lock of door and grill at market area of Kailashahar.

The thieves looted Rs. 5000 and large numbers of valuable stationary items by breaking lock of Laxmi Bhander owned by Benimadhab Paul at Panchouki Bazar.

Besides, the thieves entered at the stationary shop of Jagadish Paul by cutting the fencing of the shop. But they failed to steal anything and fled away.

The owners of the shops observed the scene in the morning today. Police also visited the spot and started investigation. The businessmen alleged that such incidents could not take place if police patrolling continued there.