Theft at 3 shops in one night at Kailashahar


Rapid increase of theft at shops created panic among the businessmen of Kailashahar subdivision.

Sources said that a gang of thieves have looted three shops of the town in last night. Firstly the thieves entered at the grosser shop of Nikhil Deb near Forest Office. They entered the shop by cutting the door with iron cutting machine and looted items of Rs. 3 lakh when load shedding was going on at night. The thieves took the items by loading a car. Earlier the shop was looted before 4 months.

Besides the thieves looted another stationary shop of Bhatter Bazar and a computer from a DTP shop in last night.

Secretary of Kailashahar Merchant Association alleged that there was no police patrolling in the market area of town at night. Even there is no police picket at the area of stealing. He said the association will submit a memorandum to SP to take necessary action to stop stealing at night.