TBSE topper suggests to get rid of social media addiction; Netaji Subhas Vidyaniketan once again in top


TBSE topper Nilanjan Deb of Higher Secondary Science sought to chose social media addiction as the biggest distraction in the course of their high frequency study time.

Almost every one of the toppers unanimously came to the conclusion that social media, many times, played foul role in their studies and suggested, this particular platform should be used wisely when you are in the lessons for one of the most important exams of your life.

Student of Netaji Subhas Vidyaniketan, Nilanjan Deb, who wants to be an engineer in future, describes social media as the biggest of all distractions. “Social media is a multi faceted platform of gathering knowledge and sharing views. But at the same time, it is the greatest time killer. Even my life, I have lost many hours of studies while roaming in Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. For last, six months I quit everything. As soon as I understood the evil side of social media I left it and I also want to advise my brothers who are preparing for various exams to keep away from social media while studying” said the all smiling Nilanjan.

About his results, he said, in 2017 our batch could not secure any place in but I am happy that I could come up to the expectations of my teachers of Netaji Subhas Vidyaniketan. He bestowed all his success to the school and his supportive parents.

Head Master of Netaji School, Goutam Chakraborty also wished Nilanjan with all the success and said, over all the school always performed well. Since 2012, for few years, Netaji School could not secure places in the top 10 but last year we did tremendously well by securing top positions both in Madhyamik and Higher Secondary. Notably altogether, 68 students appeared from the school out of which 64 students passed the exams in first division.