Sabroom, the next commerce capital of state


Sabroom, the last most township of the National Highway 8 has altogether set to be acquainted with the name and fame as the commercial capital of the state.

The much awaited Indo-Bangla Bridge being built over the river “Feni” is almost in the edge of completion. Moreover, the subdivision is also tentatively going to establish connections with the neighbouring country of Bangladesh through railways, the other most significant means of cross-border land transportation.

Speaking to us, Project Manager of Indo-Bangla Bridge, Raghuraj Singh said, the NHIDCL needs almost 8 to 10 months to hand over the bridge for commission. And after the inspection it would be led open for movement from the very next day.

“There are altogether 12 piers (pillars that provide upright support to the bridge) in the bridge, 4 in the Indian side and 8 in the Bangladesh side. Construction of all the pillars are completed and the rest is also being carried out in a rapid phase”, he informed.

Notably, the 1850 meter long project which includes a 412 meter long bridge connects the Chittagong port, the nearest port of Bangladesh from Sabroom. However, it is also expected that the bridge will turn out to be a game changer for Sabroom and also for the state as well paving way for a huge trading atmosphere.

On the other hand, though it is still to be made public yet, the government is also planning to connect both the countries through railways keeping Sabroom as the base.

According to sources in the railway department, Sabroom Railway station, a B-class one in terms of technical specifications installed is made exactly akin to the facilities the Agartala Railway station has.

A “Good CR” has also been included in the plan which is being built a few kilometers from the passengers’ platforms which raised the possibility of cross-border freight engine traffic.

“If everything falls in the right direction, the people Sabroom will hear the first whistle of train within March 31st this year. A bit of work is left in Chalitacharri area where a 2x18 meter bridge is being built. And it is expected that the work would be completed within this month” said a highly placed source of NFR.

The 37 Kilometer route, connecting Belonia with the Sabroom is set to go for CRS inspection within March 31 this year, as proposed. And it is also known that the route will be made operational soon after the inspection with passenger trains which will highly reduce the travelling cost.

Linking with Bangladesh through Sabroom is not an idea that could be ruled out completely as the planning of the railway station installing 4 lines passenger tracks, 2 line parcel tracks, washing aprons and very close placement to the town airs the idea itself, but it is in the wait of an official seal, concluded the source.