Resentment on terrible condition of road at Love Story Bazar


The tribal inhabitants of Love Story Bazar are boiling in resentment due to deplorable condition of the road under Udaipur subdivision for long time. They raised demand to the department to repair the road as early as possible.

Sources said that sufferings of inhabitants of Love Story Bazar reached high due to terrible condition of the road gone through the area under Udaipur subdivision. The four paras of the tribal area has become victim of deprivation till this period which started from the period of Left Front. The one and only road of communication from Maharani Love Story Bazar has been converted into a death trap at present.

This is one and only road of communication of tribal people of Gandabari, Rajapad, Krishna Bhakta, Tuihuchung areas. Besides, there is no service of car through the road.

But people of tribal community have reach to their villages from Love Story Bazar through reserved car.

Most funny thing is that the people of the 4 paras had to provide double fare to hire a reserve car to reach their villages. The continuous sufferings created resentment among the inhabitants.