Repair of embankment on Manu stalled by objection of BGB


Border Guard of Bangladesh (BGB) is creating obstruction against repair and maintenance work on embankment of Manu River at Samarurpar Panchayat area of Kailashahar.

On being encouraged by BGB the Bangladeshi miscreants are damaging the cement blocks constructed to repair the embankment of Manu. Naturally the repair work is being disturbed which was aimed to complete before rainy season. So the local people are in panic of another damage at the embankment.

Samarurpar Panchayat is situated at west side of Kailashahar. The works of soil filling and cement block setting beside the river at 150 Meter area from Samarur Mukh to Samarur Par started before two months. But the work is suspended at present due to objection of BGB jawans.

It is predicted that more than 10,000 people will be affected by the flood water again if the repair of embankment and setting cement block remains suspended till rainy season. In such a situation the contractors in charge of the work are also incurring loss. The two contractors submitted a written complaint to DM on April 17. But BGB has not given permission of the construction till now. The attitude of Bangladesh created panic among the flood affected local people.