Pratima appeals to vote for BJP for development of state


A daughter of very lower middle class family is contesting for Lok sabha Poll within the people like you. I hope that I would be able to talk for the development of the state in the Parliament with the blessings of you. It is only possible in BJP, said BJP candidate of West Tripura Constituency Pratima Bhowmik at an election rally held at Mohanbhog Bazar in Sonamura subdivision today.

Referring it is only possible in BJP she appealed all voters of the area to vote for BJP in such a huge margin so that Pratima Bhowmik could bow down her head when she would visit the area in days to come.

She announced that she would convert Mohanbhog into a small town in future. She also assured to convert Mohanbhog – Taibandal Road into a double line road and construct a new bridge at the area.