Poor condition of road irks resentment at Chandipur

Chandipur Block of Kailashahar subdivision has been converted into a landlocked area due to inactive role of PWD to construct an 1 Km road. Meanwhile public representatives, employees and common people are using 3 Km long diverted road to reach in the Block Office. PWD has not taken any initiative to repair the road during winter season.

However the authority started to fill soil on the road during last few days after processing of tender. But the road converted to a muddy area due to heavy rain during last two days. Now people are facing lot of troubles to walk along the road. Besides, carrying of construction materials at Block office became quite impossible due to poor condition of the road.

Sources said that local contractor Bibhas Das started repairing the road before two months after processing of tender

Information revealed that Block Office started at Jarultali before one year. The employees and staffs used to walk through the brick soling road on foot and vehicles and bike. All of them felt the necessity of road construction from very beginning. The work started during the time of pre-monsoon rain due to lethargy of administration.

As a result the local people are facing lot of troubles. Talking to our local correspondent BDO of Chandipur Block and contractor Bibhas Das admitted that negligence of PWD is responsible for late in staring repair and maintenance. It is expected that suffering of people will continue for one year. The situation created resentment among the common people and public representatives.