Passenger from state missing at Kalkaliaghat


One middle aged passenger from Teliamura is missing from Kalkaliaghat Station of Assam. The name of the missing passenger is Chandan Bhowmik (40). He is a resident of Brahmancherra village of Teliamura.

Wife of the missing person Dagnita Kalai filed a missing case at Teliamura Police Station and Baraigram GRP Station yesterday.

Speaking to media Dagnita Kalai said that both of them boarded of Shilchar – Dharmanagar Passenger Train from Shilchar on May 6. The train reached to Kalkaliaghat Station of Patharkandi at 10 a.m. Meanwhile her husband Chandan Bhowmik came down from the train at the station. But Dagnita Kalai did not find her husband when the state left the station. She thought that he might have rode to another compartment.

But she was astonished when she could not see her husband after waiting long time. On failing to get back her husband after lot of search Dagnita filed two separate missing cases at Teliamura Police Station and Baraigram GRP Station. Bhowmik was wearing black full pant and full check shirt. He is 5 fit 3 inches with semi dark complexion.