ONGC assures eco-friendly tea processing in Tripura


ONGC Asset Manager Tripura Asset OP Singh today assured that soon the tea processing of Tripura would be free of “coal use” and would not harm the environment at all. In a precise media interaction in the sideline of a Tripura tea promotion programme at ONGC, he said, “The ONGC is committed to develop Tripura tea industry so that it can reach sustainable results in the long run. The ONGC will leave no stone unturned to promote Tripura tea as well as support the industry so that it can grow bigger” said he.

“Since, most of the tea gardens are forced to use coal as a source of fuel in for processing tea, there are ample chances of environmental degradation due emission of carbon. The ONGC is contemplating to ensure gas supply to each and every garden of the state so that they can utilize gas as an alternative energy source in processing tea which will surely decrease bad impact on the environment,” observed Singh.

TTDC Chairman Santosh Saha, who was also present on the programme, said that ONGC was always supporting Tripura tea. “The ONGC has been always supporting Tripura tea. ONGC canteen procures Tripura Tea in bulk and sells it in their canteens. Not only CTC, green tea, organic tea each and every kind of tea is being used in the ONGC canteen” saha told media.  

Speaking about the programme, Saha said, a small programme is organized here to officially launch Tripura Tea in the ONGC complex. The way the ONGC is supporting Tripura tea needed appreciation and the tea industry is hopeful of fetching great results due to the support conferred upon by ONGC, Saha added.