No Grievance cell in schools, Violation of SC ruling


Recently, the state had witnessed an awful episode of corporal punishment in an elite institution, leading a student to commit suicide amidst of the humiliation, he faced. While the state yet not forgotten the horrid suicide of Lahri Devbarma subsequent to a similar incident, triggering an era of indifference in student fraternity.

It is also has to be noted that the guardians, who send their children to be enlightened in such multi-storied institutions are also not taking chance to provide admissible ground to such practices. Although, this is not the first reported incident of its kind in Tripura, it involves a nationally acclaimed ‘Supreme Court’ ruling somewhere in the core and the government should pay permissible attention towards.

Notably, there is a longstanding demand which remained unaddressed for the guardians. A higher official of the government, having her child in a renowned school of the state had said, “After several attempts of the parent, the school authorities are not willing to form a grievance addressal cell, to record grievances and provide additional assistance” while speaking to the Newman in the condition of secrecy. All their concern is limited to the excel sheets of monthly fees, she alleged later.

The Supreme Court of India earlier in the year of 2012 directed all the state governments to form a regulatory procedure to address such situation, while passing judgment on RtEA (Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education) case. The apex judicial authority also stated, “The government is allowed to impose reasonable restrictions over the private institutions in the ground of public interest”. But unfortunately, not a single word of the ruling is followed in the state.

The judgment also ensured 25% reservation for the weaker section of the society in private schools, joint committees to prevent mishaps like corporal punishment or bullying and also government’s intervention in fee hike or decrease. But as per the reports from the guardian section of the state no such steps were brought into action.

However, the while some of the principals and administrators of such schools were asked to provide their version on the issue, no one responded with an up to the mark response. Even some of them clearly denied passing any comment. Meanwhile, demands from the guardians to govern such violations are also been observed in the degree of resentment, the parents revealed.