NE Wild jumbos make way to the parliament


The North Eastern region has preserved a stable population of elephants since last few years”, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar informed the parliament today.

Responding to a spate of questions raised by Member of Parliament from West Tripura Parliamentary constituency Pratima Bhowmik regarding the number and present status of wild jumbos, the Minister told the house that the total number of elephants present in the North Eastern region is altogether 9615 as per the latest estimation conducted through “direct count method” in the year of 2017 which is almost close to the figure reported in 2012 census.

According to the written statement of the minister, Tripura has almost 102 wild jumbos in the forest lands securing the fifth position among the North Eastern states. Assam topped the list with 5,719 in its account followed by Meghalaya with 1,754, Arunachal Pradesh with 1,614 and Nagaland with 446. Mizoram and Manipur appeared last in the list with 7 and 9 numbers of elephants on their account.

However, the Minister also laid emphasis on various projects run by the governments to save the anima. “Regular extensive patrolling of elephant areas had been done, local communities are being imparted basic trainings to avoid human-elephant conflict. Moreover, a collective study of various linear infrastructure agencies was also conducted on Eco-friendly Measures to Mitigate Impacts of Linear Infrastructure to assist the project agencies”, the statement of the minister reads.

It was also learnt from the statement of the Minister that the number of deaths of elephants and man-animal conflict were also low in Tripura, whereas, in the other parts of the North East, the numbers are noticeable.