Nagarik Suraksha Mancha demands settlement package for displaced Bengalis


Nagarik Suraksha Mancha, a citizen organization of Kanchanpur today demanded settlement package for the Bengali people who had been displaced by the Bru refugees. In a press conference, the president of the organization Ranjit Nath welcomed the government’s decision of Bru permanent settlement in Tripura and urged the government to initiate the same process for the displaced Bengalis.

“We have no problem with the government’s decision. But, at the same time, we also want to draw the government’s attention on the Bengalis who were subjected to persecution by the Bru refugees” Nath told reporters.

Nath also claimed that not less than 622 Bengali families were displaced in the stretch of 1997 to 2019. “Altogether 622 families who use to live in around the six refugee camps of Kanchanpur have been displaced following violent attacks of the Bru refugees. The visible conflicts between the Bru refugees and local Bengali population come into being in the year 2000 and since then many families who have to left their ancestral home due to them” Nath added.

Nath also highlighted how the Bengali community people stood aside the Bru refugees' time by the time during the massive fire incident in Naisingpara and at the initial stage. Moreover, the organization will also observe January 23 next as “Desh Prem Diwas” in order to strengthen their voice.