Manik advises to wage ideological battle


Former Chief Minister and leader of the opposition Manik Sarkar today advised his party workers—mostly the members of CITU, the trade union wing of the CPIM, to wage ideological battle against capitalism and work towards the goal of Classless and exploitation-free society.

He also told the gathering that if the working class of the society associated with Left movement could not get adequately exposed to the ideology of Left; they would never be successful in reaching the ultimate goal.

“We have seen a large number of people who once illuminated the front rows of CITU or CPIM convened meetings doing the same at meetings of other trade unions who support the ruling government. This is because they are not well taught about the ideology of Left; they were with the Left for some advantages, for some relaxations or for something similar to that. If they were educated enough they would have never responded to the lucrative offers of others” he said while speaking at a blood donation camp organized jointly by Tripura Motor Sramik Union and Tripura Auto Rickshaw Shramik Union.

He also kept on saying, the slogan “Cholo Paltai” drew massive attention few years ago, a large number of CITU workers chose to respond to the slogan due to their lack of knowledge and now when they are facing the truth it is the duty of CITU to welcome them home. The slogan of stood upon some false promises and now people of the state have understood the mistake they have committed, he observed.

Among the others, CITU leaders Manik Dey and Sankar Prasad Datta also spoke on the occasion and stressed on how the political outfits of opposition parties are facing huge violence since the inception of the new government.