Malaria: DM Dhalai directs officials to take preventive measures against


With onset of the monsoon when, every year, Malaria appears as the biggest challenge in the interior pockets of Dhalai district, the civil administration of the district seemed to have rolled their sleeves up to fight the deadly disease in all possible manner.

Only recently, District Magistrate Dhalai, Brahmneet Kaur convened a meeting in participation of the Chief Medical officer of the district, BDOs, SDMs and all the medical officers of the district.

According to the minutes of meeting, a range of issues that help the mosquitoes’ breeding were discussed. It is found that during the rainy season water get accumulated in the rubber collection cups and other similar things which are considered to be conductive circumstances for mosquito breeding. On the other hand, during the season water also gets accumulated in construction sites and other similar arrangements further helping mosquitoes to breed.

Accordingly, the district magistrate Dhalai learnt to have directed all the officials to initiate awareness drive in market places and prominent areas so that people could understand the hazards.

Moreover, identification and regular blood collections drives for Jhumia cultivators was also directed to be initiated at the earliest because it was found that most of the time the Jhumia cultivators become the primary victims of the disease.

The district magistrate also directed the officials to ensure collection of reports on daily basis. Social media groups were also created for effective sharing of information among the officials.