Legal Cell and CHILD LINE rescue child from selling


Udaipur Legal Service Cell and Child Line succeeded to prevent selling of child by his mother at Udaipur Railway Station in the morning today.

Sources said that Soma Choudhury mother of one daughter and two sons was passing through a distressed situation at her father’s house after leaving her husband’s house. The women brought her youngest son (8) to sell to a person Tapas Ghosh at Udaipur Railway station today. On being informed the delegates of Udaipur Legal Service Cell and Udaipur Child Line rushed to the station and rescued the mother and her 8 years old son.

Soma said that she was suffering from distressed situation as her husband who was worker at sweets shop could not solve the financial crisis of family. So she went to her father’s house leaving her husband. But her father is also suffering from poverty. So she decided to sell her youngest son to Tapas Ghosh who attempted to take her son to Nagaland.

Meanwhile local people caught Tapas Ghosh and he was beaten up by them and fled away.

However Legal Service Cell and Child Line handed over one daughter and two sons to their father Krishna Dey. On being informed police visited the spot and started investigation.