Fruit production: a matter of concern


Though, pineapple has been recently targeted to be promoted nationwide as a cash-crop under the aegis of horticultural department, the commercial cultivation of fruits is very much standing in the verge of being impeded in Tripura.

“The actuated dearth of planning and plantation is the main reason behind the successive decrease in the production of fruit-based crops in the state” informed a higher official of the horticulture department.

The state was once considered as an adequate grower of Pine-apple, Jackfruit, Orange, Litchi and a few of the primitive produces well appreciated in the state and the neighboring Bangladesh too. But suddenly, the production of such products went enormously down. As per the official reports except pineapple there is no commercial orchard is left in the state, no data either.

“Being in the way of science, it should be understood that in case of fruit cultivation, there is a time period bound for a plant to be used as a producer. Planning wise, new plants are also has to be planted along with the commercial vegetation of ‘producers’ which would possibly thread a permutation between generations” observed a senior scientist of the department Dr. Haimanti Bhattacharjee.

However, such initiatives were never taken or encouraged by the government or the department which led the entire infrastructure of fruit production to an era of isolation. On the other hand vegetable based cultivation in the state is heeding with flying colors.

“The total area where vegetable produces were grown is counted in 39,411 hectares with a production of 6, 89,635 metric ton which surpluses the requirement of 4, 39,106 metric ton by 2, 50,529 metric ton in the fiscal year of 2016-17” stated an official communiqué from the department, though it needs a filtration for the current year.

While speaking about the ways to standardize or build the sense of fruit-production, Miss Bhattacharjee opined, it needs a large land attainment for setting up orchards and the approach should be implemented targeting a specialized village or making clusters of farmers for a single product.

Giving example Bilashpur at Kamalpur subdivision, which is completely dependent on their special production of Lemon, she advised such attempts if encouraged taking the forest department in connivance, Tripura could ensure a good production of food. Entitlement of processing units in the state could also promote such productions in the rural provinces, she added.