Flower gardener declines of government jobs


Unemployment in Tripura is considered to be a burning issue. And, from the youth’s perspective government jobs, or in other words, public sector is the lone source that could offer an esteemed livelihood in this part of the land.

But, Indrajeet Debnath, a post graduation drop out, who could not continue with his studies owing to financial constraints of his family, sought to challenge the narrative and declines to have a government job as his well-established garden of flowers generates an annual income more than that of full-fledged government employee.

Born and brought up in a semi-urban village of Kusharghat, which falls under the Baikhora region of Santirbazar sub-division, Indrajeet pursued completed his graduation in the year 2005. He got admitted to a Master degree course but had to leave the course as he decided not to put more financial pressure on his family, for whom agriculture is the only source of bread and butter.

Later, he underwent a professional training in “Commercial Business” and with a short span of time he started farming flowers, which deemed to be already failed attempt by his neighbours. “I faced a lot of critical comments, jokes and laughing stocks were being hurled aimed at me but now the people who once taunted and treated me as a matter to be laughed of following my footsteps to enlarge their orchards” Said an all smiling Indrajeet.

In an exclusive interaction with this correspondent, he said, I never wasted time after leaving my studies. I got an idea and started working on that. First, I started with the little bit of investment I was able to make, I started a small flower garden of roses in our land. Soon after that, I came to the notice of Bogafa agriculture department. The then, Agriculture superintend Debasish Pal summoned me to his office and advised me to expand my garden. Later, with the help and support of the agriculture department I planted Orchid, Gladiolus, Tuberoses and Zahara in my garden, which turned out to be a huge financial success for me.

He also wanted to send out a message addressing the young brigade that government job is not the only source of income. “The young people of the state should think more and more towards the direction of self-employment. If I had not started working with this unique idea, I would have been possibly cursing my fate but I am not. I plead everyone to start working with a specific goal and touch the highest peak of success that government jobs could never give to anybody” Indrajeet opined.