First Division League Football: Lalbahadur defeats Bullets by 3-0


After the inclusion of Rajib Sadhan Jamatia, Lalbahadur Byamagar today returned to their old style as today Lalbahadur defeated Nine Bullets by a healthy margin of 3-0.

At Umakanta mini stadium today in the ongoing First division league football tournament match, Rajib Sadhan was the hero as he scored two goals and led Lalbahadur to the victory. On the other hand after winning three back to back matches in the tournament Nine Bullets faced their first defeat today.

Before the match Rajib faced so many problems to get clearance but AIFF handled the situation and cleared him to play for Lalbahadur. In the first half of the match today Lalbahadur was advanced by 2-0. In the 6th minute of the match Rajib Sadhan scored the stunning opening goal by a free kick while in the 37th minute Rajib Sadhan scored the second goal from penalty.

In the 64th minute of the match Bayar Jamatia scored a goal from 35 yards back and thus in the end Lalbahadur won the match by 3-0.