Education Minister's sudden visit to schools worried teachers, minister expresses displeasure over poor condition


The state education minister Ratan Lal Nath accompanied by other officials on Tuesday made a sudden visit to the government run primary schools at Agartala and took a note of pathetic condition there. 

The Minister found several issues related to the students’ and teachers’ attendance in school and others goes wrong and most shockingly it was found that two prominent posters adorning the walls of Shishu Bihar primary school urging upon teachers to attend an ‘open rally’ of the left.

Minister Ratan Lal Nath during his visit to the schools especially in Sishu Bihar Primary school, it was found that the urinals and washrooms for the students remained filthy and after being asked, the concerned teachers failed to give satisfactory reply to the minister. 

A discrepancy in the record of attendance and actual presence of students was also noticed in the Shishu Bihar Primary School.

While talking to the media after the visit the minister expressed serious displeasure over the poor condition of the schools and blamed the previous Left front government. 

He said that the present government has already taken series of initiatives to upgrade the schools in this state as part of providing quality education to the students.    

The minister also talked to the guardians waiting outside the school premise and took a note of their children and their studies in the schools.